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(Only 200 links if you want to collect the current PR of the document for the Priority tag)
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Sometimes the script is timing out at the moment - I am going to be changing servers pretty soon so I can bring the service level back upto speed. Thanks for your patience.

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Signup as a member for as little as £2 ($3 roughly) and get a whole host of extra features to use:-

  • Create txt and xml sitemaps of your site.Members Area Limited Offer
  • Upload to your server from your account online.
  • Instantly update your sitemaps at the press of a button
  • Have up to 50 sitemaps in your account.
  • Instant access after payment - no waiting.
  • Monitor the current PR of your site.
  • Help keep Sitemapspal front page free :)
  • + More - Take a look at the demo members area.


There is a hard limit of 100 2000 links on a page - I may increase this, but lets see how it goes.

Making Your Sitemaps Work - Top

A brief outline of the process you will need to undertake to get your Sitemaps file made and working for you are listed below.

  1. Type your domain name or the url of your links page into the top form field..
  2. Press Submit!
  3. Copy and paste the entire contents of the results form field into a new txt document on your computer or choose to download the file with the tickbox.
  4. Save this document to your computer as 'sitemapspal.xml'.
  5. Upload the 'sitemapspal.xml' file to your server.
  6. Find the url of your uploaded xml file by typing eg '' into your browser. You should see a strange list of urls and no error messages.
  7. Cut and paste the url in your browser into your Google Sitemaps Account

  8. You can now submit a html sitemap such as this Sitemap instead of a domain name


Limitations and Working Boundries - Top

There are a few limitations set in place to help the functionality, speed and accuracy of the SitemapsPal xml sitemaps generator.

  1. The link you submit has to either be a directory ending in a slash or a document ending in one of the following extentions :-
    • .htm
    • .html
    • .shtml
    • .shtm
    • .xhtml
    • .asp
    • .aspx
    • .cfm
    • .php
    • .php3
    • .do
    • .pdf
    • .jhtml
    • .jsp

  2. All <a hrefs> that contain the following markup will NOT be included in the output:-
    • mailto:
    • #
    • @
    • javascript:

  3. Links to the following types of document will NOT be included:-
    • .gif
    • .png
    • .jpeg
    • .jpg
    • .inc
    • .txt
    • .js
    • .dwt
    • .lbi
    • .CSV
    • .zip
    • .ZIP
    • .CSV
    • .csv
    • .css
    • .class
    • .jar
    • .mpeg
    • .mpg
    • .wav
    • .ram
  1. If you have a sitemap that has another extention from some other flavour scripting language, contact me and I can add it to the array.
  2. If you believe that google has started to index any further file types, contact me.
  3. I have the function this way round (using excluded docs) so that links of any type will be picked up by the spider, which is good if you have invented your own filetypes for your web application.
  4. Yahoo sitemaps are coming soon
  5. The members area is nearly up and running, I am beta testing it with a few contributers at the moment.



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